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We don't judge you, we're not interested in your personal data.
Yet, you don't have to take our word for it. "Don't trust, verify". 

Your login data is kept in your browser. Just install AquilaX add-on & give it your secret key.
Don't trust a pre-built add-on? Just download it's open source code, verify it and build by yourself.

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Aquila X is the gateway to the search experience powered by Aquila Network.

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Once you have generated authentication secret, follow below 3 steps to get started.

  1. Install AquilaX browser extension User authentication and website bookmarking is managed from your browser. AquilaX browser extensions will help you with this. We currently supports all Firefox and Chrome variants. Click to install for Firefox , click to install for Chrome or build from source code
  2. Add secret key to browser extension. All Once you have obtained a secret key and installed AquilaX addon, click on AquilaX extension > Edit Settings > Paste your secret > Update. Visit your favourite website, press 'Bookmark' in AquilaX browser extension to bookmark it.
  3. Visit

Powered by Aquila Network Protocol

Aquila Network is a set of open protocols to build a decentralized search engine.
Please read the technical specifications to learn more in detail.
No gatekeeping

Independent, decentralized nodes maintain search indexes.

To Aquila and beyond

Designed to scale from your raspberry pi to dedicated cloud.

User first design

Varying levels of abstractions to developers and users.

Why Aquila Network - a short story [skip]

Ava identifies herself as a polymath. Her interests range across science, technology, philosophy, and art. A millennial girl by birth, she's determined not to settle but to explore the realm of knowledge and wisdom. She has been a curious student of the Web for more than a decade. Anybody, without a doubt, will agree to this by looking at her bookmarks and knowledge repositories. Just like any other millennial, Ava has experienced firsthand how the Web grew over time. Even though she's happy with the technology toolset at her reserve, she started feeling small but growing frustration in discovering the right information.

Ava is now in her thirties. She enjoys hanging out with her peers of similar interest who she met online over the years. Even during the pandemic, thanks to the Web, she was able to meet her friends online.

"Web is full of wonders.." She would say occasionally.

One day she happened to meet El Nino from her friend circle. Nino is a web developer who occasionally writes articles reviewing different life hack tools. It didn't take much time for them to start talking about the "eventual information drain problem" of the open Web. Nino called it "Information Bubble", which he thinks will continue growing as days go by. Ava recognized it immediately, she had no clue that it was a real problem. Now she knows the real reason behind the growing fake information and biased opinion crisis.

"Is there any solution to this?" she asked.

"There should be multiple solutions to this at different layers. I'm interested in solving one of them." Nino replied. According to Nino, the information discovery layer of the Web should be decentralized.

"You know, simply censoring a public library's book index could trigger a wave of damages to the society. Similarly, centralized gatekeeping of Web indexes triggers secondary effects which consciously starve and eventually kill independent content creators" Nino paused for a moment. He's a victim of side effects caused by aggressive SEO optimizations and click-baits.

The good news is, the Web already has a native, decentralized (but limited) content discovery mechanism - a super index - DNS. It already has proven the power and freedom a decentralized discovery layer could offer. "What I'm proposing is a decentralized, native search layer - which will help to discover content specified by a context and anybody can host it anywhere. That will be awesome, right?" He reflected great confidence and hope in his words.

"Yeah, super cool! What can I do?" Ava asked with excitement.

Nino continued.
First of all, you can take a look at the technical paper and spec to make sure that the technology convinces you. Just remember, those are still under active improvement. Any suggestion you have on improving them is heartily welcome. Also, there are reference implementations in progress. You can test them and make pull requests if you think some change is necessary. You could also keep in touch with our team by giving your email id below. The team will let you know of the latest updates so that you can eventually join the collective efforts.


Aquila Network is an open protocol to implement a decentralized information discovery layer. Anybody can participate with their own protocol implementations without any restrictions. Aquila Network team will work on the core protocol, reference implementations for non technical users, and a few applications on top of the fundamental protocol with ease of use and user experience in mind.



Aquila Network whitepaper released in 2020 Q1.



Aquila Network Technical Specifications initial draft in 2021 February.


Closed Beta Release

Closed beta program of Aquila X in 2021 April 1.

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Why Aquila Net

Search engines are the second biggest gatekeepers on the Internet. We need a native search feature built into the fabric of the Web.

This is Google 2.0

This is how Google 2.0 might look like; Anyone can be a part of it, without competition.

Achieve safe AI

Can we achieve safe AI through incentivized emergence.

Search in app

Your app needs an AI search engine today. Here’s your two-minute recipe.


Not really. It is a set of protocols that anybody can follow to collectively organize searchable indexes on which many information discovery (search) experiences can be built. Consider the architecture of a search engine as layers of abstractions. Aquila Network builds the lowest fundamental layer for everyone to democratize search engine technology.

Along with the protocol design, Aquila Network team actively develops a software suit in parallel for the non technical users. You can download and use those softwares. Anyone with technical knowledge could also look at the softwares and implement their own custom versions as long as it comply with the specifications.

Yes, both Aquila Network protocol specifications and core implementations are Open Sourced under Apache 2.0 license. Which means, you can use it without worrying about anything.

Aquila Network core implementations are free of cost and Open Sourced under  Apache 2.0 license. No other explicit licensing is required to use it.

As mentioned in previous answers, Aquila Network core implementations are free of cost and Open Source. It is worth noting that, many content discovery applications can leverage and be built on top of Aquila Network. Just like everybody else, we have some cool ideas in our minds. We will re-enter the market to serve specific pain points in search applications to sustain the entire software development. We also have plans to provide Aquila Network core SaaS.

Sure. Actually, please do. Without community adoption, Aquila Network is nothing but clay lying around. Let us know what you are building. We could definitely help.

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